I am a podiatrist in private practice for about 20 years now. Often times my patients require foot surgery to correct their problems. I have begun referring some of these patients to Joyce Cai for acupuncture consultation and treatments as an alternative to surgery. The vast majority of these patients have done very well with this care. I highly recommend Joyce Cai as a potential alternative to surgical intervention for some patients.
~Dr. Andrew Harrison
Acupuncture with Joyce has given me a new lease on life. When I came to Joyce, my energy was extremely low. I literally did not feel I had what it took any longer to go on with life. Acupuncture has freed me from my struggles. I feel lighter and happy. Joyce has given me my life back. Words cannot express the gratitude and joy I feel.
~Margaret A.
I consider myself very lucky to have found Joyce. I couldn’t believe how she made me feel. I had a sense of calmness, happiness and strength after each session. My mom has COPD and she says acupuncture with Joyce helps her breathe. My mom calls Joyce, her angel. Joyce is truly an amazing acupuncturist.
~Nancy Jewett
I never believed in acupuncture. My girlfriend and I had been trying to get pregnant for months. My boss recommended acupuncture. My girlfriend went to see Joyce. She got pregnant the very next month. It really worked. Joyce is fantastic. Anyone who may be skeptical of acupuncture needs to see Joyce and they will change their minds.
Acupuncture has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. It has helped me so much with my health issues. Joyce is absolutely wonderful. I’d try to refer as many people as I can to her.
~Jeanne Pfister
Acupuncture has been very helpful for me. I had been through several rounds of physical therapy but was still in pain, so I decided to try acupuncture. Since then my pain has decreased significantly and the overall feel of my body is better. I have a lot more energy and am sleeping a lot better. I have referred people because this has worked for me.
Acupuncture has changed my life. I have more energy, feel more relaxed, and have significantly reduced problems with my health. Joyce Cai has been a wonderful, professional provider of acupuncture – I recommend her services to everyone I know.
~Karen Caoilfhionn
I love the acupuncture from Joyce. She is the absolute guru when it comes to helping us look and feel our best. I feel like having the fountain of energy after each session and it has improved my overall health and well-being. Thanks Joyce!
~Rose Loy
I heard about acupuncture a few years ago from a girlfriend who was able to get pregnant, after years of trying with acupuncture. When it was my time to want to get pregnant and being older, I tried acupuncture with Joyce. After one treatment, I felt so much calmer and more balanced. I got pregnant after a month of going to Joyce. Joyce is very knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs, and wants the best for her patients. I recommend trying acupuncture to help with any form of pain or discomfort.
~Cindy A.
Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment to get your body in tune. I have energy and I’m much happier with my life choices. It’s a wonderful method to jump start a healthy living regimen. I have recommended it to family and friends.
~Leticia Hernandez
Joyce Cai has been treating me for several years now, for a variety of problems. She is a true professional and is helping reduce my chronic pain (back, shoulder) as well as my menopause, stress and anxiety symptoms. Throughout the years of treatments I have found Joyce to be a wonderful listener and a wise and caring individual. She makes my life better.
~Chana Taradalsky
I came in after a bad accident. I had lots of back pain. After a few treatment sessions I was able to move in ways I couldn’t since long before my accident. Since then I have been treated for knee pain and stomach troubles. Each experience is a rewarding treat and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
~Jason DeBow
I came to see Joyce to try and get my body back to normal. I have many issues with sinuses and body aches. I recently saw my gyn doctor and was told that at my age (43) it would be difficult to conceive on my own. It broke my heart. I started coming to Dr. Joyce a few months ago and left here every time feeling great and alive. Funny story is that I just found out I am pregnant and I believe Dr. Joyce had something to do with it! I guess doctors aren’t always right, but then again Dr. Joyce kept me positive and told me not to give up! I know many people are skeptical of acupuncture. But I’m a “believer” I’ve seen other acupuncturists before but Dr. Joyce Cai is special! I highly recommend to anyone for any issues, not only infertility.
I first became involved with acupuncture through my wife. She injured her shoulder and had limited range of movement. Workman’s comp suggested the option of surgery, with no real guaranties. A co-worker mentioned Joyce and acupuncture to my wife. She started coming for therapy and acupuncture treatment. Shortly thereafter her movement returned. She once again could d lift her arm above her head. I was curious to see what acupuncture could do for my little aches and pains. I now come with my wife every chance I get. Not only is Joyce very skilled with her craft but she is very gentle and caring. We love you Joyce. Thanks you very much.
~Roy and Norie.
I have had to deal with doctor’s always telling me that I need to take this or that for depression, but when I started acupuncture I never needed to take another anti-depressant again. This has changed my life drastically. I no longer feel like something’s “wrong” with me, I’m just a little unbalanced. As soon as I start to feel a little down though. I just go see Joyce and she works her magic on me. Her constant encouragement and reassurance have helped me to finally lead a normal, happy life. My boyfriend and I have a much healthier relationship because of Joyce’s advice and help. I found the job of my dreams, whereas before I couldn’t even leave the house for an interview. My life is an all-around different experience now. The quality of my life, and the excitement I feel everything. I can finally say I’m truly happy. I used t o feel so sad and hopeless when nothing was working… who would have thought a tiny little needle could make such a big difference? It’s not only the acupuncture that has helped me though. Joyce’s warm and loving demeanor has made all the difference! I can actually feel her healing energy when she touches me. I love Joyce and will continue to come back to her for years to come. She is my doctor, friend, and angel.
I was referred to Joyce by my best friend who, like me, was suffering with heavy menstrual bleeding and pain – just her testimony of how regulated she is now and how even her emotions have been in checked really surprised me. I have an uterine fibroid which is the worse (main) of my crazy periods – my obgyn only course of action was to put me on the pill – but her treatment totally messed me up, leaving me with almost biweekly cycles that will last for 10 days – that’s when I turned to Joyce – and what a great move! In about a little more than a month treatments, I was able to see not only improvement in my periods flow, but so many other positive changes in me. I’m not bloated as I used to be and my tummy looks even flatter without any exercise. My emotions are balanced now and my husband is the first one to have noticed the changes to how I react to different issues. Our hopes now are to become pregnant again. The fibroid was in the way of us succeeding, but we have faith that it will happen.
~Voahangy Raseterinera