Rejuvenate Your Body and Spirit

Are you suffering from pain? Has traditional Western medicine failed to alleviate your symptoms or chronic condition? Are you looking for an alternative to surgery?

Improve your quality of life with the healing properties of acupuncture administered by Joyce Cai, experienced licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and former nurse practitioner.

Acupuncture works with the whole body, balancing yin and yang energy. This low-risk, natural treatment:

  • Improves circulation
  • Releases endorphins to control pain
  • Allows the body to heal itself more quickly and more completely

Learn more about acupuncture here.

Commonly treated conditions with profound results:

Stress Digestive Respiratory Pain Women's Health
Depression Nausea Asthma Joint Pain Infertility
Anxiety Vomiting Sore Throat Bone Pain PMS
Insomnia GERDs Cold/Flu Nerve Pain Menstrual Disorders
Smoking Gastritis Headaches Dental Pain Menopause
Addictions Diarrhea Pneumonia Cancer Pain UTI's
Dizziness Constipation Tonsillitis Sciatica Incontinence
Sea Sickness IBS Sinusitis Arthritis  
Weight Loss Colitis Rhinitis Tennis Elbow Men's Health
Fatigue Crohn's Disease Allergies Headaches Erectile Dysfunction
    Ear Infections TMJ Prostate (BPH)
      Chronic Fatigue  
      Chronic Pain